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From chipsets to cable head-ends to test equipment, your products are essential to our industry. By working closely with CableLabs and our network of members and vendors, you can make sure that you’re creating interoperable products your clients want—getting them to market faster. Together, we can build a better future for all of us.

The vendor community is vital to innovation.
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    Join a Working Group

    As a Working Group member, you’ll participate in the creation of new specifications and test plans that meet the expectations of the entire industry. This also helps you gain invaluable insights and better prepare for the future.

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    Work With Us On-site

    Our Visiting Engineer program gives you access to our tools and workspace in exchange for your help in drafting specifications that align with your company’s priorities. If you wish, you can also work remotely as a Contributing Engineer.

    Become a Visiting/Contributing Engineer

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    Review Draft Specs

    In addition to accessing publicly available specifications, you can get a sneak peek at brand-new drafts, as well as technical papers, software code and more, 30 to 60 days prior to issuance. You’ll also get an opportunity to comment before the documents are released. All of this, and more, lives in our platform InfoZone.

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    We’re always interested in partnering with our technology suppliers to tackle a specific problem facing the cable industry and are open to a variety of arrangements.

    If you’d like to explore co-innovation opportunities, please contact us.

*A bit of "housekeeping" info: We love to share our work and ideas with others who are equally passionate about innovation, but we still have to keep some secret things secret. Before joining our vendor community, we’ll ask you to sign a few confidentiality agreements based on your level of participation.

See and Be Seen

Get the Industry Awareness You Need

As a CableLabs vendor, you get front-row tickets to all our events, as well as multiple opportunities to wow the crowds.

  • Check Icon Envision Vendor Forum Are you building technology for the global cable and mobile industry? This free event is your secret weapon to learn what the technology strategies are for the 60 largest cable, broadband and mobile operators around the world. Read more

Get the Tools That Give You an Edge

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    Specifications Library

    Access and download various technology specification documents from our vast library. It’s organized by project type and is very easy to navigate. Learn more

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    Learn About Spec Drafting

    We approach specification drafting with extreme care and consideration. It’s truly a joint effort that relies on the expertise of all the interested parties within the industry. Learn more

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    Certify Your Product

    Work with Kyrio, a CableLabs subsidiary, to ensure that your product meets the industry’s interoperability specifications. You can also view a list of all the CableLabs-certified products. Learn more

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    Testing With Kyrio

    No matter what stage of development you’re in, we can help you reach your goals faster. Our state-of-the-art labs combined with over 20 years of experience is a tried and true formula for success. Learn more

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    Submit a Change Request

    Just because a specification or test plan is released to the public doesn’t mean we can’t make changes. We allow plenty of time for change requests after document issuance. Learn more

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    Read Our FAQs

    We’re happy to answer any questions about vendor participation and more, but before you send us yours, check out our FAQs. We may have already covered it. Learn more

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    Learn How to Engage With CableLabs

    We encourage all vendors to get involved with CableLabs activities to help create a great connectivity user experience. Also find the list of current IP signors. Read more.

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*The release of technology and software during CableLabs’ events and activities is limited to that which is published, for standards-related activities, or otherwise uncontrolled under U.S. export control regulations.  CableLabs is committed to complying with U.S. export control regulations and does not permit the release of other types of technology or software absent a determination that U.S. government licenses would not be required for the release.”